Where am I?

Desktop application realized during the first year of the Master of Science, at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Where am I?This application basically simulates a context-sensitive system: a system of this sort allows to modify its behaviour and start actions according to where the user resides, the time of day and other potential information useful to define user state. In this context (system running on a laptop), these actions can refer to automatic firewall and network configuration, messages notification, start and termination of software applications, etc.

The core function of this system need to periodically scan the physical position of the device where the system itself is running on; a possible solution (and also that used) is based on the analysis of near wireless networks and the corresponding power of received signal (RSSI – Received Signal Strength Indicator).

The application allows the user to interact with this system, define various places, link actions to them and receive statistics about the stay duration on each places; it’s entirely written in C# .NET and relies on C++ NATIVE WLAN API libraries for the wi-fi scan functions. Because these networks could be set up or down beyond user control, the localization algorithm uses a heuristic to classify places anyway, even information about them suddenly changed.

The application works with Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) OS and higher.

A slideshow is following. Don’t hesitate to contact me or to comment for further information.

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