Web site e-commerce

Web site realized during the first year of the Master of Science, at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

WebThis web site simulates a portal to purchase items on-line (e-commerce). Users can inspect the available items catalog, add them to the virtual cart and eventually proceed with the purchase (registration is needed).
The web site has been tested on the following browsers:

– Mozilla Firefox (v5.0 and higher);

– Google Chrome (v12.0 and higher);

– Internet Explorer (v8.0 and higher);

– Apple Safari (v5.0 and higher).

XAMPP distribution has been used in site developing; phpMyAdmin has been adopted in database management.

Some general considerations about features:

  • HTTPS: the web site allows page surfing with secure connection (requires user authentication);
  • COOKIE: session maintenance has been performed by means of cookies;
  • REGISTRATION and LOGIN: homepage displays a box on top right of the page, which allows users to log in (if registered yet) or to perform registration (by using the related link). Filling both Username and Password fields is required;
  • CSS: graphical user interface has been realized through CSS style sheets;
  • CARRELLO: items cart is represented by a data struct, managed entirely in PHP.

Use the following link to try a demo version of the site (disregard any possible advices of phishing, all pages are free of malicious scripts).

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